Cornelia BRUINEWOUD - Twee bergen Twee wolken
Forest of Birch Trees, Gustav Klimt
Marius Pfannenstiel - Dessau (2011)

wesley snipes by dan winters for vibe oct ‘93.
“the hidden sun. amen-ra is the combined name that deals with the egyptian concept of a deity. ra was the sun in one part of egypt. and in another part of egypt, they called it amen. with the unification of egypt, they called it amen-ra, but it was their word for the deity who gives life to that which is unseen. and i chose that [as the name for my production company because] in and of itself, it generates power." — as told to danyel smith
Kevin Tolman
The Birds. (by moonartist)
Bass reflecting by the window.
Head of a Philosopher with a Red Hat
Giandomencio Tiepolo c. 1757 
Serge Poliakoff, Abstract Composition, 1954
Snake Dancers
Tom Lea
Joan Miro

Chicago, IL, 1987 
William W. Fuller